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retrieveThe Eagles Grasp has gone through the approval process with the USGA and we are proud to announce that we Conform with USGA Rules!

Eagles Grasp is a Face Balanced putter which means that the face of this putter remains parallel to the ground when you balance the lower part of the shaft on a flat surface. This signifies that the axis of the shaft is in line with the putter head’s center of gravity. A face balanced putter is best for a “straight back and straight through” style of putting stroke.

Putter head weight is purely a personal choice. Eagles Grasp has a weight kit that is available that will allow each golfer the opportunity to customize the weight of the putter to fit their game. Some golfers prefer a heavier putter because they feel the heavier the putter the smoother their stroke will be. Other golfers prefer a lighter putter because they feel it gives them a better touch on the greens. With the weight set the individual golfer will be able to select the weight that best suits their play.

This putter is a milled putter as opposed to a cast putter. A milled putter is machined from a solid block of material where a cast putter could have imbalances caused by possible air pockets formed during the casting process. This putter is 100% milled from a solid block, not cast, and then machined for long life and a rock solid performance.

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