“The Eagle’s Grasp putter is a great combination of a face balanced putter that has eye appeal and makes back breaking practice a thing of the past. The sight line promotes a smooth stroke and the ball comes off it with a great roll.”
Scott Pless
PGA Professional / General Manager
Rock River Golf and Pool

“The putter has great feel and a soft face. It gives a great roll to the ball and keeps it on your line. The real significance of this putter is the ability to save one person’s back throughout the course of play. ”
CJ Wade
Golf Operations Manager
PGA Apprentice Level 3
Emerald Hill Golf Course-Sterling Park District

“I purchased the Eagles Grasp Putter two years ago and I love it. The wear and tear it saves on my knees is amazing. It’s doubtful that I would still be able to play golf without the Eagles Grasp Putter. Thank You.”
Franklin, WI