Eagles Grasp Putter

Ease of Use

Get the Putter in left or right handed models. Then pick your desired shaft length of 34,35 or 36 inches.

 Customizable Weights

Our standard putter comes with a weight installed which is 45.6 grams. We offer the option to put a particular weight in the putter, or you may purchase a set of weights that allow you to customize your putter every time you head to the course.

Rubber Insert Rings

When the rubber inserts that allow our special ball retrieval wear out, we offer the option to replace them with our specially sized Replacement Rubber Insert Kit. *Divot tool not included.

Eagles Grasp Club Cover

Protect your Eagles Grasp Putter or any of your clubs with our custom club cover.

 Branded Golf Balls & Tees

Add some balls and tees to your order!

 Order your putter today!

Eagles Grasp Putter

  • Get Your Eagles Grasp Putter - $99.95

  • Price: $99.95 Quantity:
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  • Shaft Length

  • Left or Right hand?

  • Customizable Weights

  • Price: $29.95 Quantity:
  • Replacement Rubber Rings

  • Price: $9.95 Quantity:
  • Eagles Grasp Club Cover

  • Price: $12.95 Quantity:
  • Ball & Tee Kit

  • Price: $12.95 Quantity:
    Custom branded balls.
  • $12.00
  • $0.00
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